Owners Newsletter May 2019

Memo to all owners

A number of items have been raised at the last Committee Meeting which I would now draw to your attention:


As yet we do not have a formal sign off from the Insurance Assessors to go ahead with the exterior repairs. They initially required a cost estimate which has now been prepared indicating a figure in excess of $13m. This includes an allowance for replacing all balcony decks of approximately $600k.

Owner of Apartments have agreed to allow the decks to be checked and this will be carried out mid June to ascertain whether there are leaks from the decks and whether replacement of all or some of the decks is required. This will clearly have a significant affect on the value of the claim.

In providing the cost estimate Holmes Wellington have indicated that if they could start work in May this year it would be programmed over a two year period working around the building section by section. Scaffolding would be placed on a section of the building and they would work progressively up that area from level three to the top replacing all windows and doors and resheathing the building with a new material which will be more flexible than the previous material. However a start cannot be made until the Insurance company confirm acceptance of the claim, there will be some delay and I will advise a start date as soon as it is known.

The reason for this work is that just patching the cracks in the plaster finish and replacing damaged windows would not ensure weather tightness on a long term basis and to be able to do the new sheathing all windows and door have to be removed and as there is no guarantee that they could be returned without damage so that all new items are to be supplied and installed.

Before any new windows and doors are order there will be an opportunity for Owners of the Apartments to decide if they want double glazing in which case a quote will be supplied and the additional cost paid before the work is carried out. This is not expected to be until few months after work starts.

It is hoped that once the results are obtained from the testing the balcony decks final approval of the insurance claim can be obtained to enable planning to be completed for work to commence. When this happens Owners will be advised and given an updated timetable of when work can be expected on their part of the building.

Interior Repairs

Work is continuing through the interior of the building with all Common Areas attended to other than some work in car parks on levels one and two. There are still fifteen Apartments to have plaster and paint repairs and some tiling repairs, some more major than others. Attempts are being made to contract a Tiler to progressively carry out all tiling work. There are also a couple of Apartments with carpentry work still required, It is intended that all this work will all be completed over the next few months.

If any Owner is concerned that their Apartment is being ignored please do not hesitate to contact me. If your Apartment does not have tiling repairs required let me know so that it can be completed without delay.


Some Owners have experienced some noise in their ceilings with high wind from some directions. This appears to be due to pressure in the ceiling areas causing rattles. A fix for this is being identified and may require further inspections so if you have such noises please let me know so that your Apartment can be checked along with others that have been reported.


From time to time there are spillages in Common Areas, Lifts and carpets and whilst it is the person concerned responsibility to clean it up please contact Apartment Manager Glynis for assistance so that it can be dealt with quickly. In carrying rubbish it is preferable to double bag the rubbish so that it does not leak. The main cause is food and drink being carried, so care must be taken to ensure that spillages do not occur.


Car parks are for vehicles only including bicycles. Any other items in car parks must be removed as you have a storage locker for that purpose.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information on any of the items.



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Nicole Macdonald