Security & Rules


Occupiers are reminded that the duties and obligations imposed by the Body Corporate Rules which are binding on all owners, occupiers, tenants and their guests and each owner is liable for the acts or omissions of their tenants or guests as if they were their own acts. 

Accordingly the Body Corporate Committee have prepared the following abridged version of the Body Corp Rules setting out the expected behaviours of occupiers including, tenants and visitors to the Building.

The Body Corp Rules include the following:

  • Not to permit their Unit to be used for any purpose which might adversely impact on the reputation of the Body Corporate, the owners, or the Building, or which might interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of any part of the Building, or which might interfere with the general management of the Building or its environs;

  • Only use the common areas for their proper purposes, not to place anything in the common areas without Body Corp approval. Not allow litter or rubbish to accumulate in the common areas;

  • Not to hang washing or any other object over their balcony or display anything offensive on the outside of their apartment:

  • Not make or permit any objectionable noise in the building, and ensure there is no audible noise outside their unit between the hours of 10pm and 8am and require any visitors leaving after 11pm to do so quietly;

  • Ensure that all security arrangements in relation to access and building security are complied with;

  • Ensure children are not allowed to make undue noise or to play in the common areas;

  • Not spill any liquid or substance on or in any part of the Building and should they accidentally do so to notify the Apartment Manager immediately;

  • No food or liquid to be consumed in any common area other than on the roof top area or at a Body Corp organised function;

  • To ensure that all persons moving furniture into or out of their apartment do so by arrangement with the Apartments Manager

Owners who have tenanted their Unit are reminded that they must notify, or ensure that their property manager notifies to the Building Manager the full details of names and contacts of all tenants or legitimate occupiers of their Unit. 


An access control system is employed to ensure a high level of building security is maintained. Residents present their key fobs to the card reader when wishing to access an area to which they are authorised.

Key fobs give access through Common Area doors and provide lift access to the individual floor that the apartment is on.

The Common Area door access includes car parks on levels 1 and 2 and lifts access to level 9 and the roof garden.


A digital CCTV system is installed throughout the building.

Camera images are recorded, 24/7, to a digital video recorder which may be monitored by the Building Manager or remotely as desired.


An automatic fire detection system is installed throughout the building.

In the event of activation, a voice will request you to vacate the building and you should do so immediately, using either of the two emergency staircases.

Passenger lifts must not be used during a fire evacuation.

The building is fully sprinkler protected and, in the event of a fire, deployment is automatic.

Smoke detectors are installed in all apartments providing an interface to the fire detection system.

Fire Emergency Procedures are displayed throughout the building.

Chief Warden’s Instructions are also displayed throughout the building.


Access to the building by visitors is by means of the security intercom system at the main entrance off Molesworth Street.

The system is connected to a video screen in each apartment thus visitors may be admitted to the building, remotely, at Resident’s discretion.

Tailgating is not permitted and should be discouraged.